May Day Concept

May Day Concept

I had written before about working on a pet project. This mostly stem from 2 things.

  1. I wanted to test out Figma, since I was relatively newer to it and I wanted to implement a better solution for my team.
  2. There’s this game I really enjoy ‘Extreme Landings by Rortos’, and even though I enjoy the game play I honestly think the graphics and the user interface is far from friendly. This becomes more obvious when you start using a phone with a notch (for me this was iPhone X).

Having said that I do encourage you to go download the game from the app store here.

Once you have played the game, hell even if you haven’t take a look at my version of it, obviously it’s just a concept and is made in figma.. Some screens will feel like swipe gesture based.. do that.. Have fun, here’s the link:

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